About PhillipKingston.com

I’ve had this domain since 2006 and it has taken on various incarnations since then to support my business and non-profit interests.

In 2020, after a number of quite significant life events, it will take on a new role.

I intend to post fairly regularly on a diverse range of topics including:

  • Entrepreneurial and business learnings from my 18 years working in my own technology businesses.
  • Market failure and irrationality.
  • Quirks in public markets and resulting opportunities.
  • Private markets and venture capital gossip.
  • Behind the scenes stories from my time at Sargon, GrowthOps and Trimantium.
  • Challenges and announcements from my new business Galactic Bioware

I am also likely to post niche content in the realms of skateboarding, DOTA and survivalism. Consider yourself warned. Please read and agree to the disclaimer before reading on.

Latest Posts

  • Go Bag – Optical Additions
    The current Go bag is light on escape and tactical optics so I’ve made the following additions. This all still fits in the Condor Colossus Duffle Bag (52 Litres) although it is getting cramped in there. Sneak peak of some Galactic Bioware prototypes.
  • Updated Ride
    In preparation for the new skate park which is mostly street (vs. vert), I’ve gone back to my street roots and made some changes to my rig. I reduced the size of my wheels from 55mm to 51mm for better control and feel…
  • Now there is a mailing list
    This website has been considerably more popular than I expected which I’m sure will be short-lived given the lacklustre content and the incoherent mix of eclectic topics. Until then, milk it. More than 1,000 unique visitors in its first month! I have started a mailing list, should you wish to join it.
  • Senate Fintech Inquiry – Initial Thoughts
    The second issues paper published by the Australian Senate’s Select Committee on Financial Technology and Regulatory Technology is showing signs of progress in understanding the issues, blockers and opportunities for Australian fintech companies, however is light in the following critical areas: access to talent, access to capital via Australian public markets and foreign investments.
  • Australian Senate’s Select Committee on Financial Technology and Regulatory Technology
    The work of Senator Andrew Bragg and the Senate Select Committee on Financial Technology and Regulatory Technology is very important and I wanted to draw more people’s attention to the issues papers and their findings, as well as my submission from late 2019. I would like to acknowledge the significant contributions of Emma Needham, Michael Walsh and Saurav Das into the December 2019 submission.
  • Project Archive
    On www.phillipkingston.com.au there is now a photo and caption archive of many of the projects I’ve been involved in since 2007 around the world. These include businesses, events (including the famous Trimantium Study Tours and Henley Club events), non-governmental and inter-governmental projects.
  • Building my first skate park
    As skate parks closed due to COVID-19 restrictions in Victoria, Australia, I ordered some skate ramps and pre-fabricated components online from Wizac Ramps (Queensland) and Ramp Champ (Western Australia) to de-risk myself and close friends from current and future lockdown laws.
  • Reflections: Henley Club
    In 2011, I was on a bus in Vietnam on an Intrepid tour with my friends from university and we were discussing the topic of reimagining the exclusive social club in a way that retains all of the good features that explain why they (as a concept and specific institutions) have survived for so many centuries, and addresses the bad features – the reasons that people don’t like them (the impartial reasons, not because they aren’t invited).


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