Building my first skate park

As skate parks closed due to COVID-19 restrictions in Victoria, Australia, I ordered some skate ramps and pre-fabricated components online from Wizac Ramps (Queensland) and Ramp Champ (Western Australia) to de-risk myself and close friends from current and future lockdown laws.

The initial skate park kit includes:

  • 4ft X 6ft Mini Halfpipe
  • 2ft X 4ft Quarter Pipe
  • 4ft X 4ft Quarter Pipe
  • 6ft Low Grind Box
  • Fun-Box with Kicker Ramp + Grindbox + Wedge Ramp
  • 6ft Up Ledge Grind-Box

All coated in Feast Watson 10L Matt Look Decking Oil – Natural from Bunnings which makes everything look good.

I love my Feast Watson

Some construction photos:

The next phase of this project is to lay a suitable skate park floor, I’m currently thinking plywood on treated pine and targeting a skateable area of 10 metres x 5 metres (outside of the mini halfpipe which will continue to sit on the ground).

More to follow.