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Victorian Motorcycle Licencing

People rarely take a moment to appreciate government departments like VicRoads when they do a great job.

I am taking a brief moment to congratulate VicRoads on the quality of their motorcycle licencing regime in Victoria.

I recently obtained my motorcycle licence as a full car licence holder through Armstrong’s Driver Education.

They also did a great job. I did this because 1) motorcycles are freedom and 2) Galactic Bioware has been developing motorcycle armoured gear that we are looking to launch mid 2022. I wanted to be able to wear it and test it out as a more informed and genuine user.

Building an Inferno Chamber

Galactic Bioware’s 66 square foot (10m2) ventilated Inferno Chamber is rated to temperatures of over 1,832℉ (1,000℃) for testing Power Suits against extreme temperature conditions, direct flame contact and smoke inhalation. Disclaimer: Obviously, fires are intrinsically unsafe, so please don’t try anything like this at home especially outside of a controlled environment. Also, please be mindful of fire restrictions, local laws and fire regulations and common sense.