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Secret Ashurst email revealed

A critical email from Ashurst to Sargon’s liquidators in April 2020 was kept hidden by Ashurst until early 2022 when it was voluntarily disclosed by the recipient Wexted to the Federal Court of Australia. It remained hidden for nearly 2 years after Ashurst placed Sargon into receivership falsely alleging that outstanding interest was not paid.

Spy Games

Later that day after dark, two operatives, one confirming car plate details, anchoring the scene and his partner getting into position. The operatives never look up and do not give away any personal features.

They planted a low-tech listening device on my car to (presumably) listen to my conversations and otherwise attempt to get dirt on me. This device also functioned as a low footprint (hard to backtrace) tracking device.

Marshall Law: Ashurst’s Gang of Three now Gang of… One?

Mr Greenberg’s demise occurred straight after credible documents tabled in Parliament revealed that interest was fully paid up when Sargon was placed into receivership by Ashurst after some extremely creative law firm trust accounting in December 2019. The cover up had failed, so Marshall had to roll a head otherwise it was his. Greenberg was the only choice. Sorry, not sorry.