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Ashurst #CashFurst

If Ashurst had of read the investment documentation and emails with the same attention as they read my blog posts, or undertook the path they represented to me in December 2019 of appointing an independent investigating accountant to get to the bottom of the whole structure for their and their client’s educational benefit, then their client would by now likely be in funds exceeding A$200 million and Ashurst wouldn’t be dealing with an annoying blogger impugning their otherwise stellar reputation.

Ashurst’s Web of Conflicts

As a follow-up to this popular post on Ashurst’s conduct around the receivership appointment over Sargon Capital Pty Ltd, I bring the Australian business community’s attention to issues around conflict management and how breaches of client confidentiality by Ashurst might have coloured advice given by Ashurst to China Taiping which led to Sargon’s unnecessary demise.

Senate Fintech Inquiry – Initial Thoughts

The second issues paper published by the Australian Senate’s Select Committee on Financial Technology and Regulatory Technology is showing signs of progress in understanding the issues, blockers and opportunities for Australian fintech companies, however is light in the following critical areas: access to talent, access to capital via Australian public markets and foreign investments.