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Updated Ride

In preparation for the new skate park which is mostly street (vs. vert), I’ve gone back to my street roots and made some changes to my rig.

Toy Machine Fists Yellow
WheelsSpitfire Formula Four Afterburner Wheels (55mm)Darkstar Divide Wheels Red Black (51mm)
DeckGirl Mike Carroll (8.25 inch)Toy Machine Fists Yellow (7.75 inch)
BearingsBones Super RedsABEC 13 Red

Key points:

  • I reduced the size of my wheels from 55mm to 51mm for better control and feel
  • The hardness of the wheels is about the same (still at the hard end of the range – 99A on the old durometer)
  • The deck is narrower from 8.25 inches to 7.75 inches for easier flipping and technical tricks

I’ve had many Toy Machine boards, but I’ve never tried ABEC bearings or Darkstar wheels so I thought I’d give them a crack. Will report back on my findings.

See the rest of the ride here.

Building my first skate park

As skate parks closed due to COVID-19 restrictions in Victoria, Australia, I ordered some skate ramps and pre-fabricated components online from Wizac Ramps (Queensland) and Ramp Champ (Western Australia) to de-risk myself and close friends from current and future lockdown laws.

The initial skate park kit includes:

  • 4ft X 6ft Mini Halfpipe
  • 2ft X 4ft Quarter Pipe
  • 4ft X 4ft Quarter Pipe
  • 6ft Low Grind Box
  • Fun-Box with Kicker Ramp + Grindbox + Wedge Ramp
  • 6ft Up Ledge Grind-Box

All coated in Feast Watson 10L Matt Look Decking Oil – Natural from Bunnings which makes everything look good.

I love my Feast Watson

Some construction photos:

The next phase of this project is to lay a suitable skate park floor, I’m currently thinking plywood on treated pine and targeting a skateable area of 10 metres x 5 metres (outside of the mini halfpipe which will continue to sit on the ground).

More to follow.

My Ride

Current Skateboard Gear: (October 2020)

  • Deck: Girl – Mike Carroll (8 ┬╝ inch)
  • Trucks: Thunder Trucks 147 Mid Durrant V2
  • Wheels: Spitfire Formula Four Afterburner Wheels (55mm)
  • Bearings: Bones Super Reds
  • Hardware: Independent Bolts
Pimpin’ Ride

Clothing and Shoes:

  • Shoes: DC Shoes Lynx OG (US 11)
  • Pants: Dickies Carpenter Denim Jean – Relaxed Fit (Black)
  • Socks: Kathmandu NuYarn Ergonomic Hiking Socks

Spitfire Formula Four Afterburner Wheels (55mm)