Harrington Kingston Hass

I am now a Partner at Harrington Kingston Hass working with an amazing team of investigators, negotiators and intelligence people. If you need any of the following, please reach out via the contact centre.

  • People or witnesses found
  • Discover hidden controlling influences in companies and trusts as well as front organisations
  • Evidence gathering & litigation support
  • Deep research for short-selling campaigns
  • Assistance with private & allied government investigations
  • Security hardening to protect proprietary information and assets
  • Operational security training for personnel
  • Counter-intelligence measures, procedures, training and implementation
  • Discreet high-stakes negotiations including blackmail intervention
  • Double-blind transactions and secure meeting facilitation

Harrington Kingston Hass is an investigation, negotiation and counter-intelligence company focused on the corporate sector. HKH assists clients to be successful in litigation and make better decisions informed by the very best and most up-to-date information available.

HKH aims to deliver certainty to clients’ situations and resolve speculation. HKH also helps clients ensure that their proprietary information is as secure as possible and reduces threats of information loss or leakage.

HKH takes privacy and confidentiality extremely seriously, so feel confident in briefing HKH on your requirements for a swift and successful outcome.