Spy Games

Sunday 29 May 2022 – 22:18:26

Ahead of critical hearings in the Supreme Court of Victoria between 30 May 2022 and 16 June 2022, a group of fairly well trained operatives attempted to intimidate me and planted a listening and tracking device on my car. This has been reported to Victoria Police.

Sunday – 29 May 2022 (Day before trial)

On the day before trial commenced, I was approached throughout the day by a range of people asking me different leading questions. Questions like: “Do you own this house?” or “Is this your car?” and more offensive/intimidating remarks.

Video 1: Start delicate to gather information

Primary angle: 15:56:54 to 15:57:27 on 29 May 2022
Secondary angle: 16:07:24 to 16:07:45 on 29 May 2022

One of the people who approached me that day that I did get on camera was a woman who presented like a private investigator to ask me some questions.

She continued to watch the house for 10 minutes from across the street until I got back into the car to head out and she got into her car to start tailing. You can see her in the top right just around the corner across the street – still with her envelope.

Video 2: Confirm vehicle and coordinate with colleague for the drop

Later that day after dark, two operatives, one confirming car plate details, anchoring the scene and his partner getting into position. The operatives never look up and do not give away any personal features.

They planted a low-tech listening device on my car to (presumably) listen to my conversations and otherwise attempt to get dirt on me. This device also functioned as a low footprint (hard to backtrace) tracking device.
Primary angle: 22:17:23 to 22:18:52 on 29 May 2022
Secondary angle: 22:17:23 to 22:17:32 on 29 May 2022

Video 3: Listening and tracking device planted

Primary angle: 22:27:05 to 22:27:39 on 29 May 2022
Secondary angle: 22:27:24 to 22:27:36 on 29 May 2022


I moved to another location straight away for my safety but checked in on the situation over the week. There were vans with tinted windows in the street throughout the week and some truly strange goings-on. I thought nobody could possibly be trying to run covert surveillance and be this bad, then I realised that they wanted me to see.