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Project Archive

On www.phillipkingston.com.au there is now a photo and caption archive of many of the projects I’ve been involved in since 2007 around the world. These include businesses, events (including the famous Trimantium Study Tours and Henley Club events), non-governmental and inter-governmental projects.

Reflections: Henley Club

In 2011, I was on a bus in Vietnam on an Intrepid tour with my friends from university and we were discussing the topic of reimagining the exclusive social club in a way that retains all of the good features that explain why they (as a concept and specific institutions) have survived for so many centuries, and addresses the bad features – the reasons that people don’t like them (the impartial reasons, not because they aren’t invited).


Those of you still living under rocks may not be across the Bardcore phenomenon that is about the only good thing to have hit the mainstream in 2020. I have a slightly wider definition of what constitutes Bardcore than Wikipedia, which as of 15th October 2020 says…

What to expect

About PhillipKingston.com I’ve had this domain since 2006 and it has taken on various incarnations since then to support my business and non-profit interests. In 2020, after a number of quite significant life events, it will take on a new role. I intend to post fairly regularly on a diverse range of topics including: Entrepreneurial and […]