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Most interesting ideas last few years for me

- @VitalikButerin legitimacy as a scarce resource

- @elonmusk on entertaining outcome being most likely

- Liu’s Dark Forest Theory

- @tszzl - shape rotators/wordcels

- @cdixon on web3 as web2 with opposite laws of physics.

TIL a NSW Police Dog earns $22.64 per hour, a Horse gets a bit more at $23.82 - fair enough. A Squirrel commands a whopping $3,363.82 p/h before tax. A hotel room for a police officer and a horse (twin share) is $215.55.

Lefties who dump on righter politicians who are starting to back greener initiatives and investments are a strange breed - righties are literally listening to you and doing (more of) what you want and you bash them for it. Betrays a political ambition, not desire for real change

I have joined the Advisory Board of @Internet2pointO - a cybersecurity company based in Canberra. Australia and Alexandria, Virginia. Innovative products such as their Cloaking Firewall are critical to the security apparatus of many SME, enterprise and government clients.

Since the beginning of the war, over 260K #Ukrainians entered #Moldova. While many transit Moldova, we still have over 107,000 #refugees, including 48K minors in our shelters.

Currently, Moldova still has the largest number of refugees per capita in the region.

Contribute to @GalacticBioware supplying civilian armour to adults and children in Ukraine via Poland. Our initial goal is to supply 100 armoured tees. 26 already on their way. Please help if you can.

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