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I founded Galactic Bioware (soft launched this week) to address three problems:

1. Gun-control and routine violence in the US and many places around the world is not improving, and recent politics hasn’t helped.

I've been an @Adobe fan for 20+ years. However, their hidden pricing, hidden contracts and undisclosed cancellation fees for @adobestock is almost certainly illegal in Australia and many countries. Be careful signing up for @adobestock - fleeced me $240+ (so far) for nothing.

Terms of Reference for Parliamentary Inquiry into Australia's space industry ( are very unambitious. Australia is so uniquely equipped to have an outsized share of the space economy. We need urgent special economic zones to attract talent & capital.

This song was written and performed by @Jason about angel investing released under a pseudonym with a few lyric changes to cloak his true identity.

How did we get here @Coles? "Australian Made from at least 18% Australian ingredients" If it were 100% foreign pigs, and locally prepared/cured/smoked/packaged, etc (~18% of the value chain), then it couldn't honestly claim "Australian Made". Maybe "Australian Prepared/Packaged"

John Wallis published his product for π in 1656: an infinite product of even squared numbers divided by their two adjacent odd numbers. The surprising thing is scientists found it in a quantum mechanics formula for the energy states of the hydrogen atom

The best thing about Christmas is the opportunity to rewatch all of the #JeanClaudeVanDamme classics to unending family protest

Brief review of a 9 node @MerckuWIFI system in an old bluestone house in Melbourne, Australia -

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