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underrated skill in computer science is how to break down problems into even bigger problems. how to snowball making a button slightly bigger into a 10 people 1 year project. how to create job security by being the subject expert in a problem you made up in the first place

How is foreign ownership of hotels in Canberra legal? It is an open door for extremely effective foreign surveillance and political leverage cultivation over Australian government & suppliers.

This is obscene overreach by the Morrison Government if this is true. Consequences of unsupervised untraceable full access to bank accounts, photos, emails, sms? Australians do not travel with their phone which creates risk and cost for citizens abroad.

Raised another US$500k for @GalacticBioware at the backend of 2021 to bring total equity funding to US$1M. We'll be releasing details of our first powered fire fighting suit in less than 2 weeks - the Fire Knight.

Galactic Bioware@GalacticBioware

We will be releasing a detailed anatomy of our Fire Fighting Power Suit on 22 January 2022. It is called the Fire Knight.

Great sobering piece by @moxie on web3 which broadly aligns to my position, perhaps I am more sceptical that the course can actually correct now from being web2 with less privacy, more cost and same centralisation.

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